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I hope the following information and links are helpful. Let me know if there is further information that you are interested in!

For more information about getting your pet spayed or neutered:

Spay Neuter Veterinary Clinic of the Sandhills

Contact SNVC Directly at 1-910-692-3499(FIXX) to Schedule an Appointment for Spaying or Neutering your Cats or Dogs

Fly Predators

Have a problem with flies around you and your animals? Try preventing the flies before they accumulate. Fly Predators arrive as a safe, affordable monthly shipment that you spread around the barn and pasture. I started using them last year and saw a HUGE reduction in flies. The best part is if you order them with the code below your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Check out the website:

When you sign up use code #96770 to get your satisfaction guarantee.

Owner Information Sheets:

New Client Information Form

Below are some helpful websites links and information:

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